Normally there are four seasons: Winter (Coldest season), spring, fall/autumn and summer (Usually the warmest season). These seasons are elaborate in the temperate lands, and not in the tropics.

I closely looked at the seasons and realized the following:

  1. Fall/Autumn

This is the season where normally you find colder temperatures and frost. Some of the animals have to prepare for hibernation by eating a lot to store ‘more fat to see them through the winter. You could compare this to back to school/college so far as students are concerned.

  • Winter

This is usually the coldest season and usually most celebrations/Christmas take place during this time. This season has lots of fun for kids and teenagers or young adults who love outdoor activities.

  • Spring

This is the season during which rain falls. In most places, celebrations of Easter occur during this time. This is the time of renewal when trees begin to bud and flowers bloom.

  • Summer

This is the sunny season and favorite season for outdoor activities. Mostly it’s time for many people to relax and take a breath from regular work/activities. It’s also a period for reflection and also a period of refocusing and feeling of fulfillment in life.

Our life and business can be compared to seasons, and the noble thing to do is to adjust yourself to cope with the seasons, as you cannot change them.

What we should do during each season by way of preparing ourselves for a better life and future.

Winter: A time to grow strong

In this season, it’s necessary that we learn how to handle it. Economic winters when financial wolves are at the doorstep, personal winters when our hearts are smashed and crashed to pieces, and the social when our relationships are messed up or turned upside down. Usually this season is associated with disappointments and loneliness.

What you should ask is then is how you should deal with these winters. The right strategy is to mature up and do what mature people do. Get stronger, get wiser, and get better.Dont wish that it were easier, strive to get better. Don’t wish for few problems, but hope to attain more skills. Don’t wish for less of challenges, but hope for more wisdom.

Strive to use this time for more personal development and work on self seriously. Use the winter season to gear up for spring which always comes after winter.

Spring: Time to take advantage

At this time things are really happening in our financial, personal and social reams. Take advantage of this time. If you want to look good in fall, this is the time to plant a seed. Be exceptional at these two things: either you become good at planting in spring or learn how to beg in the fall. Be wise by always making good choices, get busy as life is too short.

Summer: Time to take care

A time to learn how to nourish and protect your crops throughout the season. As soon as you have planted, the insects and weeds will try to destroy your crops. Learn to protect what you have created and that is the greatest lesson of summer. Protect what is dear to you (relationships, boundaries, your faith, life values and most importantly your character.

Note that during this season, all that is good will be attacked. Unless you defend what you believe in, come fall, you will have nothing left and here you have all yourself to blame.

Fall: A time to take responsibility

This is time where you reap the results of both the spring and summer and maturity will be defined by your ability to take full responsibility for the crops you tended, either bountiful or meager. Accepting full responsibility is one of the highest forms of human maturity and one of the hardest. Learn to take 100% responsibility for things that happen to you as a matter of commission or omission. Learn to welcome fall without apology if you have done well, or without complaint if you have not. It’s not easy but the its the right thing to do.


  • As a learner

Learn when to prepare your ground (Study), exercise (nurture the body), pray (connect with the Devine), celebrate the good and the bad (expressing gratitude for everything that happens during your college/school life) and when to observe your set boundaries.

  • As a parent

Know when to support and challenge your child, develop and nurture your parental boundaries, work on self, and when to work on all other pillars of your life.

  • As an Employee

Realize when to work, play, pray, set and observe self and organizational boundaries through complying to set rules and regulations, code of conduct, the laws of the land and those of God.

  • As an Employer

Know when to grow the practice, support and challenge employees, train and develop members of staff, to re-engineer business processes and restructure operations. The major lesson to draw from all this is: the model is being used symbolically to show seasons which we go through in life. Always remember to plan in good time because failing to plan is planning to fail.

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