How many of us really understand what Image-Making is? Some of us have read about it, thought about it, and even talked about it, but never really understand it until it’s too late.

Understand that this Image-Making is related to money and once you understand this concept you can effectively use it for whatever good you desire.

The knowledge of Image-Making eliminates competition from your life by moving you from the competitive plane to the creative plane. You soon understand therefore, that in truth the only competition you will ever have is your own ignorance.

This idea is really exciting. Sharing this idea with you is also very exciting because I know how it can improve every aspect of your life. Before I can delve deeper into this idea, please understand that everyone is using the image making concept and everyone always has. Note that everything that has ever come into your life has a direct result of the Image-Making process. Therefore realize that you have already used this great mental tool. It’s quite obvious that when people make use of their image making ability, they almost always use it the wrong way.

Of importance to note is

  • You Are an Image-Maker

Most religions teach that God is responsible for everything made in this world and I fully subscribe to this belief. However, as co-creators, human beings must bear responsibility for WHAT GOD MAKES in their lives.

I read of this story sometimes back:

Many years ago, a minister was driving along a remote country road, when he came upon a very beautiful farm. The farm was kept in absolutely very magnificent condition. The fences were well cared for, the crops were a radiant green and although the house was set back some distance from the road, it was evident that it had a clean, fresh coat of blue paint on it. Well cultivated flower beds encircled the house and stretched all along. In a neat row along both sides of the drive as well, were straight lines of tall green popular trees. To say the least, indeed the entire picture would have fit well on a post card, since it was absolutely breath taking in its splendor.

Then the minister looked off to his right, to the other side of the road. Here the fields were ploughed, the earth was the deepest black the minister had ever seen and he was amazed at how the furrows had been ploughed in such a way that they stretched out in rows “as straight as cloth lines” Far off the distance, the minister could see the farmer sitting up on his tractor, with a straw hat on the back of his head and clad in an old, light blue pair of overalls. It happened that the farmer was moving toward the road as he was plowing. The minister pulled his car off the side of the road, got out of it, he just stood by the fence, and he, stood there still, enjoying the light breeze, the warm sunlight and admiring the beauty of the farm and the ability of the farmer to plough such straight furrows.

As the farmer worked his way towards the road, he noticed the minister leaning against the fence. He then brought the tractor to a halt climbed down from it, and slowly started to walk in the minister’s direction. As the farmer got closer, the minister smiled, raised his arm, and waved saying, “My good man, God has certainly blessed with you with a beautiful farm.”

The farmer stopped, pulled out an old red and white polka –dot handkerchief from his pocket with his big scarred and calloused hands. He raised his arm and wiped the sweat from his sun-scorched brow, still not saying a word. Then he reached up with his other arm, and gently took from his mouth the long piece of straw that he had been bouncing and waving as he walked.

He stood in silence for a moment, looking at the minister, and then he spoke. With a slow steady voice he replied, “Yes Reverend, you`re right. God has blessed me with a beautiful farm, but I just wish you could have seen it when he had it all to himself!” Understand that “images” are mental pictures and are made from thoughts, and the magnificence of the mind lies in the fact that it can “think” that is to say, it can tap into thought and create whatever image it chooses.

  • Personal Prosperity

You are using mental faculties that everyone else has. They are exactly the same mental faculties used by Akothee, Heavy J. Baba, Vera Sidika, Huddah Monroe, Zali Hassan, Diamond Platznum and many other people who are doing great things. You might have formed the habit of thinking that people like those are different from you and me. “Whatever the mind can conceive and believe it can achieve”

Not many people believe this, but the ones who do, prove it to themselves. Why don’t you prove it to yourself now? Just build the image of prosperity on the screen of you mind and watch what happens. Remember though, regardless of how tough things get, you must continue to hold the picture of personal prosperity. You will likely run up against a series of circumstances that will almost have you convinced you are actually going backwards, but PERSISTENT IS KEY. Continue to hold the picture of personal prosperity and understand that what is happening to you is what must happen to prepare you to receive the good you desire.

  • Persistence Always Pays

Here are some of the things that persistent people have in common that keeps them going long after most people have given up:

  • An All-Consuming Vision
  • A Burning Desire
  • Inner Confidence
  • Highly Developed Habits
  • Ability to adjust and adapt
  • Commitment To Lifelong Learning
  • Role Models That Act As Guides and Mentors

Understand that you have to make up your mind right now and start where you are. Build the image of what you want and the act as if you have already received it. Expressed somewhat differently, “Act like the person you want to become”

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