Ways to Find Inspiration When You Need It Most

Whether you’re feeling weather-related blahs or just have a sense that your life could use some perking up, there are times when we can all use some inspiration. Sometimes you just can’t get yourself motivated, and you don’t have a clue about how to get started. Even though your to-do list is quite full, it’s not enough to wake you from your listless state.

You don’t always have to dig deep into your own soul to get inspired. You can turn to those you see as similar to yourself or, even better, those you see as personifying the inspirational goals you would like to achieve.

Let’s take a look at how you can motivate yourself:

  1. Don’t give up on yourself when you can’t seem to get inspired. It’s easy to conclude, especially when you’re in the doldrums, that you’re just not a very motivated or talented person. The in group-out group inspiration study shows that you can be brought out of your doldrums under the right conditions.
  2. Accept that it’s OK, and maybe even advisable, to look to others for sources of inspiration. The ideas and beliefs of others can help guide you to greater heights.
  3. Take a mental break to allow yourself to refocus. Digging into your own mental processes can provide unexpected sources of inspiration.  
  4. Use spontaneity to your advantage. Again, taking that mental break can also be the break from the rut you’re in and you’ll see things in a different light. 
  5. Read something. You may just have run out of ideas. Perhaps you’re tired of cooking the same meals week after week. Refreshing your recipe stash can lead you down a trail of completely new ideas that represent great variations from your standard fare. 
  6. Team up with others. Putting your group identity to work may mean that you partner up with people, like you, who are also seeking new sources of inspiration. Together, you may find that you’re bouncing far more creative ideas off each other than you could have come up with on your own. 
  7. Realize that there are just some times in life when you won’t feel very inspired. It’s OK to spend the day in your sweats, couch- and web-surfing, and just relax. Maybe it is cold and gray outside, or perhaps too hot even to move. An occasional day off shouldn’t detract you from achieving your goals. 
  8. Break your inspiration down into manageable pieces. You may not get that one great idea, but perhaps you’ll have several small ideas that you can build up into something grand.

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