The COVID 19 Pandemic has massively affected the daily routine and sometimes you find yourself locked at home with nothing to do. Dont worry, here are the fifteen things you can do during this period.

1. Read

I like reading but never seem to have enough time to indulge in books, magazines and blogs. This time, schedule a part of your day, even just an hour, when you can unplug from social media or TV and get through your reading list.

2. Take an online course

Using any spare time to improve yourself is great. Whether you’d like to study a new skill, learn more about meditation or perhaps something that will help you discover a new career during the looming recession: online learning is the quickest way to access that. 

3.  Cook

Make a menu and actually cook.Menus will help you plan your meals in advance. There is nothing healthier and more comforting than a hot home-cooked meal where you can be sure of all the ingredients that you are using. However, in today’s busy lifestyle it is not easy for everyone to cook on a daily basis. Now that you are home all day long and are bored as well, why not improve your cooking skills looking out for recipes and YouTube videos?

4. watch movies

Thanks to the online streaming platforms, one does not always need to book a cinema ticket for watching the movies. These online streaming platforms not only provide us with the comfort of watching movies while sitting in our bed but also provide a wide array of movies in all languages.

5. Get creative

If you have dreams of cultivating your creative side , what better time to start than now. If you’ve always wanted to draw, paint, make jewellery, sew, etc. why not start now?

6. Self-care

Since you don’t have to grapple with the morning rush hour traffic, take atleast 15 minutes from your morning routine and meditate.You can also write in your journal and listen to motivating speeches.

7. Exercise

 Since life is slightly less busy now, be sure to schedule time in your day when you can get some exercise. You’re moving around less now but that doesn’t mean that your body should suffer the consequences.While healthy food is important, working out and keeping your body mobile is equally vital. The quarantine has already resulted in minimizing our mobility which is not the best thing for health. Hence, just look out for some YouTube tutorials and start working out at home. It will not only improve your physical but also mental health.

8. Clean your Home

It can be hard to find time to deep clean your home during the normal schedule. But since you have a bit more time on your hands now, get into those places that don’t get cleaned often like under the bed, in your kitchen cupboards or even your walls.

9. Rearrange your house

I love rearranging my furniture as I try to get the maximum out of my space. This is also a good way to refresh your space, making it look somewhat new.

10. Refurbish your home

If you’ve been thinking about painting that old door or  an old table, now is the time to do it

11. Get organised

I never seem to have the time to update my journals, review my goals or even just ensure that my documents are well kept. This is the perfect time to do that. Set aside some time and organise one area at a time.

12. Help kids with their school work

The school term got interrupted but this doesn’t mean that our kids’ education should be put on the back burner. Continue their education by giving them school work to do. There are many lessons online and on the radio for various classes. Make use of these so that once schools reopen they haven’t forgotten everything.

13. Explain the safety measures

As you talk to your kids, explain the safety measures that they need to take to stay safe. Instead of just giving orders, explain why they need to wash their hands frequently, stay at home and not play with their friends, etc. Take your time to make sure they understand.

14.  Repair broken items

If you have household items that requires small repairs this the time to do it.

15.   Learn a new dance

Dance is the ultimate expression of joy. Learning a new dance form watching the YouTube tutorials will not only keep you fit but also mentally at peace.



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