POEM 3/3 — Girl Extraordinaire

A heart warming poem by Aditi Dhar on the joyous occasion of Pujo/DussehraPOEM 3/3 — Girl Extraordinaire



God is not a man to lie! Last bits of this story came to pass!


This is what happened to me. I grew up in an average family in a small farm in Buuri constituency Meru County.


When I was two years old, I was left under the care of my
grandmother Jennifer” May God rest her Soul in peace “and my mother went to get
married to another person who was not my biological father. As a little girl
then, it did not occur to me that my mother had gone to start a new life
elsewhere and I had my grandmother to cater for me. After all as a child that
young, you hardly know nothing about proper setting of a modern family.

It took about six years for my mother to settle and probably
agree with her husband that I should join them in their new home and henceforth
live together as a family. I recall seeing my…

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